1) Subsidies on various Agriculture Inputs 

20% cost subsidy to the farmers on all seeds and planting material imported from mainland. 
15% cost subsidy is allowed to Nitrogenous and pottassic fertilizer 
25% cost subsidy is provided on phosphatic fertilizers. 
25% cost subsidy is provided on all Plant Protection Equipments and Chemicals.
20% cost subsidy on planting materials imported from mainland.
100% transport subsidy is provided on all seeds, fertilizers, Plant Protection Equipments and Chemicals, planting materials and tarpaulin imported from mainland.  
Seedling produced in the nurseries are distributed at concessional rate.

2) Subsidy for Ponds and Pumpsets 

1/3 cost of ponds/pumpsets is provided by the department as subsidy  

3) Subsidy for Tractors 

30% cost subsidy or Rs. 30,000/- whichever is less

100% transport subsidy is provided by the department.  

How to Avail 

Application in plain paper with details of land possessed by him along with the recommendation of the zonal officers to the Directorate of Agriculture, Port Blair.

After selecting the farmers as beneficiaries by the state level committee, the cases of selected beneficiaries are forwarded to the bank for sanction of loan component and to the Andaman and Nicobar Administration for sanction of subsidy portion.

After obtaining sanction from the Administration, the subsidy portion is handed over to the bank within 5 days.

4) Crop Insurance Facilities 

The annual crops which are prone to natural disaster like cyclone, heavy rains, drought, severe pest and diseases need to be cover under Crop Insurance to provide an element of Economic relief to the farmers. Therefore, the department is providing 50% premium component of the insured amount covering crop loan sanctioned by the commercial and State Cooperative banks in the season. This subsidy pattern is as suggested in the Crop Insurance scheme by the GOI. This department and the percentage of loss intimated to the GIC for compensation.

 5) Subsidy to Coconut Cultivation. 

To boost up the production of the existing plantation and to uplift the Socio-Economic status of the coconut growers of these Islands a new scheme “Technology Mission on development of coconut in Andaman and Nicobar Islands” has been included during IXth Five Year Plan. Under the scheme the Department proposed to provide assistance to the farmers for area expansion, Rejuvenation of old plantation cutting and removal of senile/up productive palms. To meet the demand of agriculture inputs the department will procure and distribute fertilizer/seedlings/barbed wire/irrigation facilities etc at subsidized rate. But the pattern of assistance provided under the scheme has not yet approved by the Government when the approval received from the GOI, and scheme has been implemented, the farmers can avail the facility through sub-depots/zonal officers.