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High Value Agriculture Schemes


Coconut Development Board Schemes


Medicinal Plant Board Schemes




Coconut Development Board Schemes

  1. Area Expansion under Coconut : Under this Scheme incentive subsidy to small & Marginal farmers for taking up new planting of coconut @ Rs.  8000/- per ha. is provided in two equal installment. The application for incentive subsidy shall be made in the form prescribed the board and shall be accompanied by the certificate of the implementing Officer. Among the category only those who bring a minimum 0.1 ha. of New area  under Coconut or plant 10 seedlings alone are eligible.
  2. Integrated Farming in Coconut Holding for productivity improvement :

I.                   Laying out demonstration plots : To transfer the available technologies on the management of disease affected areas and to share the farmers experience in the management so as to further refine the management practices in disease affected gardens by providing financial assistance @ Rs. 35,000/- per ha. in two equal installments. The size of the unit shall be 0.2 ha. to 1 ha. owned either individually or collectively.

II.                 Organic Manure Units: For construction of Organic manure units/Compost pits /Vermi-Compost unit  board is providing one time assistances of  50% of the total infrastructure and maintenance cost of the unit limited to Rs. 20,000/- .


Medicinal Plant Board Schemes

The National Medicinal Plants Board has introduced promotional as well as commercial schemes for overall development of Medicinal Plants in general with special reference to 32 species prioritized and identified by the Board. Andaman and Nicobar Medicinal Plants Board (Society) has identified 14 prioritized species of Medicinal, Aromatic and Dye Plants for this Union Territory (List overleaf). Proposals could also be taken up for any other Medicinal Plants, which are in high demand and short in supply.

a)       Promotional Schemes :

      In-situ conservation

      Ex-situ conservation

      Production of quality planting materials

      Extension activities information, education and communication.

b)      Commercial Schemes

      Production of quality planting materials


      Value addition. 

Financial Assistance

Under promotional schemes the financial assistance is available up to 100 % to Govt. Organizations and to only reputed Non-Govt. organization with three years of experience.

Under Commercial schemes the financial assistance is only up to 30% of the project cost

In both types of schemes the maximum project cost is Rs. 30 lacs.