Soil Conservation in Andaman & Nicobar Islands


The Soil Conservation Sector has 2(two) schemes viz.

Scheme No.1- Soil Conservation works and strengthing of Soil Testing Laboratory.


         Conservation of Soil of individual land holdings on 50 % loan –cum-subsidy / Shramdhan-cum-Subisdy basis. The soil conservation work on watershed basis is being taken up for comprehensive conservation of soil, development of land and sustainable management of natural resources with holistic approach in the watershed areas. This proposes treatment of all exiting Nallahs in upper, middle & lower reaches including Contour trenches, contour Bunds etc. so that the run off is reduced, more water is allowed to percolate in the soil, Water table is increased and moisture loss is minimized. In addition to this systematic soil survey works to determine the classification of soil including micro nutrient and to issue Soil Health Card to the farmers. 

Scheme No.2 – Improvement of degraded land and drainage.


          Due to the land surrounded by sea and other various limitation factors like intrusion of Saline Water in the allotted cultivable land causing soil salinity, stagnation & water logging in the low lying paddy areas, deposition of gravels carried from different gullies & nallahs and its deposition on the flat agriculture land in the foot hills. In order to eliminate the above problem, the department undertakes various reclamation measures to bring more area under cultivation. In addition, to reclaim the affected land through various Soil Conservation measures like Saline reclamation bunds, Improvement of Drainage facility, Control of Stream Bank erosion & gravel deposition etc. being undertaken by the Soil Conservation wing of the Department of Agriculture.